イングリッシュ・クイックマスター advanced 英会話

unit トピック 説明 基本表現
1 映画どうだった? 映画などについて好意的な感想を述べる Wasn’t it a fantastic movie?
I thought the underwater scene was really magical and artistic.
I felt like I was dreaming.
2 このスポーツ、私には・・・・・・ 否定的な発言をする I'm not into basketball.
Well, for me, basketball is too fast and too difficult to watch.
I don’t agree with you. Baseball is very exciting.
3 ちょっと手伝ってくれない? 助けを求める If you don’t mind, can you help me with the copier?
I’m having trouble making handouts for a meeting.
Can you show me how to make two-sided copies?
4 後でよければ手を貸すよ 条件付きで承諾する I don't mind, but I have a meeting in five minutes.
Maybe I could check it out after this meeting.
If you can wait until then, I can help you.
5 ありがとう、でも自分でやるよ 感謝しつつ辞退する Thanks for the offer, but I’ll be all right.
No, don’t worry. I’d prefer to work on it by myself anyway.
It will help me get the hang of this job better.
6 「ローマ字は1日にして成らず」 励ます You and Mariko just got married so it’s natural that you have some disagreements.
You should just talk and share your thoughts and feelings.
7 えっ?それって何? 「理解できなかった」と伝える Sorry? What’s “happy hour”?
If happy hour lasts two hours, why don’t people call it “happy hours”?
8 待たせてごめん! 「間に合わない」ことと、その理由を伝える I’m going to be a little late because I had to finish some last-minute work at the office.
I’ll be there in 15 minutes.
9 あの部屋じゃ困るんです 苦情を言う・要求を伝える I think there's been a mistake. We just checked into room 109, but it doesn't have a bathroom.
Would it be possible to change to a room with a shower?
10 ちょっと確認させてください 自分が理解できているか確認する Let me see if I understand you. You mean we can only sit together in the balcony?
So you only have seats in the farthest section from the stage?
11 何か食べに行かない? 提案する What do you say to having something to eat?
A friend of mine had a meat pie at a pub called Pirates.
She/he said it was good. Want to give it a try?
12 もう飲むのはやめた方が… 忠告する Don’t forget that we have to get up early tomorrow.
If you don’t stop drinking, you won't be able to wake up.
I think we should stop drinking now.
13 返品したいんです 自分の要求の正当性を強く主張する I thought your store promised high-quality china.
I can’t give a chipped cup.
Can I at least exchange it for a similar item?
14 自分は好きじゃないけど… ぶっきらぼうにならないように言葉を添える Not really, but my wife’s a real fan.
Not particularly. I haven’t been to karaoke for years.
15 おなかが痛い・・・ 症状を訴え、原因などを推測して述べる I have a stomachache.
It might be from eating too much at dinner.
I should be better by tomorrow.
16 財布がない! 出来事を時系列に沿って説明する I realized when I went to pay for lunch.
I bought a newspaper before we went to the restaurant, and I haven’t used it since.
17 その点はいいと思いますが… 部分的に賛成する・やんわりと反論する I like the concept, but I don’t think it will get young people to buy ice cream.
That’s true, but the “toy” doesn’t have to be a bicycle.
It could be a video game, for example.
18 申し上げにくいのですが… 丁寧に切り出す・言いにくいことを伝える I hate to say this, but I’m afraid we won’t be able to have your pamphlets printed by November 1.
I was wondering if it would be OK to deliver your pamphlets on November 5.
19 どっちがいい? 相手に選択肢を与える Would you like Western or Asian food?
We could try the new sushi bar by the post office or there's a good pasta restaurant by the station. Which would you prefer?
20 もう行かなくゃ 話を中断する I should go and see what she wants.
That sounds interesting, but unfortunately I need to go and attend to this issue.
Maybe we can talk about it at lunch.
21 新商品をご紹介します 長所を伝える・売り込む Yes, but first, let me explain the data behind this kind of quality. This graph shows a comparison of maintenance costs for our machine and three of our competitors'.
Our equipment is cheaper in the long run.
22 こうしたらどうでしょう? 妥協案を探る What if we change our payment schedule?
I believe we can discuss the schedule and find a compromise.
I propose you pay in ten installments with no interest.
23 必ず伝えてください 「必ず〜してください」と念を押す Would you please make sure he calls me back before 4:00 this afternoon?
And please don’t forget that he is supposed to call me before 4:00 p.m.
24 そこからの道順は… 行き方を説明する Is it the one between a toy store and a parking lot?
You have to turn right at the corner of the toy store.
Then, go straight and turn right at the first traffic light.
25 どんな料理かっていうと… 食べ物について説明する It's a kind of stew cooked on the table in front of you.
Usually it has some seafood or meat, vegetables and things like tofu and konnyaku.
Itʼs something like a hard jelly, that is not sweet and doesn’t dissolve.
26 それは違うんじゃないかな 相手の思い違いや誤った知識を訂正する I’m afraid that’s not true. A lot of Japanese people drink wine these days.
Oh, yes, there are many wineries in Japan.
Apparently some produce wine that is as good as that made in France.
27 私だったらこうします 助言をする If I were you, I'd wait.
But it might be a good idea to write down the name of this shop just in case.
28 彼女が知りたがってます 人に代わって要求や意向を伝える The housekeeper wants to know when we’re going to eat and take our baths.
She has to know when so that she can make our beds.
29 ○○だったらいいと思わない? 「もし〜だったら」という話をする If we put our trash in one box, somebody at the disposal site will have to separate it instead. 
Don’t you think it would be easier to recycle them if they were already separated?
30 それについてはあまり… 意見を差し控える(控えめな意見を述べる) I can’t really speak for their parents, but many people seem to work late to pay for their children's tuition.
I haven't thought much about it.
31 代わりにこうするのはどう? 代案を提示する Instead of going to Hakone, how about going to Asakusa?
Hereʼs an idea. Since buses don’t come very often on Sundays, why don’t we start walking to the station?
32 すごい偶然だね! 会話に割り込む・会話を発展させる Sorry to interrupt you but did you say you like Tomoko Matsubara, the pianist? 
What a coincidence! She's my favorite performer, too.
33 それはショックだったでしょう 同情する・人を気遣う That’s awful. It must’ve been very shocking for Maria. 
I’m so sorry to hear about the accident, but it’s lucky that Betty wasn’t killed.
34 聞いた話では… 不確かなこと、人づてに聞いたことを話す I heard from Ichiro that Jiro’s been having health problems. 
From what I heard, he had to be hospitalized. 
All I know is that he was complaining about some pain and needed emergency care.
35 どうやって作ったの? 手順を教わる I’ve never tasted such wonderful roast chicken. How did you make it? 
Let me make sure I got this right. You put lemon and garlic inside the chicken and soy sauce on the outside?
36 試したいけど、アレルギーがあって… 理由を言って丁寧に断る Sounds good, but I think I’ll try the lamb. We don’t eat much lamb in my country. 
I really wish I could, but I’m allergic to most seafood. 
37 私が言いたかったのは… 自分の発言を言い換える Sorry, thatʼs not what I meant to say. What Iʼm trying to say is letʼs talk now if you can. 
What I'm trying to get at is how many pictures you’ve sold so far. 
38 気持ちは分かるけどね 人を落ち着かせる・なだめる I know that, but itʼs no use getting mad at him now. 
You might get into trouble! Just ignore him. 
Let’s go for lunch and forget about it. 
39 あのときのことを覚えています 詳しく描写する I remember when I was a new driver; I almost had a bad accident. 
I was driving down a small, busy street and a truck started coming at me really fast.
All I could do was slow down and let the truck speed by me.
40 言おうとしてたのは… 話の軌道を修正する、別れを惜しむ I was just saying that it seems like we got here just yesterday.
I wish we didn’t have to leave so soon. 
41 あっ、言い忘れたことが… 言い忘れたことを追加する・言い間違いを訂正する I have something to add. We will be having dinner at the Crown Hotel that night.
I’m sorry, my mistake ー we’re going to the New Okuni, not the Crown Hotel.
42 あなたにやってほしいのは… 提示をする I need you to set up a business lunch with executives from CONY Corporation.
First, go to Accounts and check the budget.
Then Iʼd like you to give CONY a call.
43 こう考えてみてください 相手の言い分を認めつつ再考を求める Yeah, maybe, but think of it this way. A 10-year-old printer is a dinosaur!
I know what you mean, but isn’t it better if you can depend on your equipment?
44 それは○○ということですか 相手の発言を言い換える・真意を確認する That could mean closing down some plants, couldn’t it?
If I understand you correctly, that means some people will have to be fired.
45 あっ、人違いでした! 自分の間違いを認めて謝る Wait, I must have mistaken you for someone else.
I’m very sorry. I thought you were Sandra Smith from the Bangkok office.
46 ところで、あそこの… 話題をそらす By the way, have you tried the food they’re serving here?
Look! They’re starting to serve some desserts. Why don’t we get some?
47 基本的には、こんなものです 物事の概要を述べる When they retire, they have dampatsushiki.
Basically, it’s a ceremony to cut a sumo wrestler’s mage off after he stops wrestling.
48 素晴らしい時を過ごせました 別れ際に言葉を掛ける I had a great time showing you around.
I hope I have a chance to visit you in your country someday.
If you need to contact me when you get back to the states, don’t hesitate to call me.